A protest was held at the Business School last Thursday in conjunction of Surviving Scrutiny: Corporations in the Age of Global Business. The representative from Coke was obviously uncomfortable with the presence of protesters during her talk.

The Michigan Daily on the other hand didn’t quite report what really happened. At the same time, their report seems to be inaccurate.

Anyway, more pixels!

I don’t know whether that is legal or not but it’s way too cool!

In front of Hale before the talk started.

Getting the 125 feet bottle-link into the auditorium. The person from Coke was distracted by it – when the moderator asked her a question, she asked the moderator to repeat to question.

In the auditorium.

A close-up of the banner in the previous photo.

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pp/s – the commeting system is now working. And I didn’t even touch the code and it somehow worked.

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