From Greenpeace USA:

The Bush administration’s attempt to use an obsolete “sailormongering” law to prosecute Greenpeace failed when Judge Adalberto Jordan dismissed the charges in the midst of the trial. Shortly after the Justice Department rested its case, the judge granted Greenpeace’s motion for acquittal, ruling that there was insufficient evidence to send the case to the jury.


p/s – I watched a debate between Tony Blair and Micheal Howard the other day and it was hilarious!

pp/s – concerning the Nick Berg’s beheading, there seems to be awfully lot of discrepancies. More on kuro5hin. And having seen the video and reading a lot of questions emerging from the cyberspace, I am starting to doubt the authenticity of the video. Furthermore, Bush’s reputation of lying to the United Nations Security Council does not help disspell the speculations.

ppp/s – Russia has agreed to back the Kyoto Protocol! More victory!

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