This season of the Eredivisie has been extraordinary. It began with none of the traditional Big Three at the top. Two of them lingered in mid-table while another dangerously lurked at the bottom. Sure, it was early and panic would be excessive. But with about two-thirds of the season to go, the Big Three collectively are struggling.

Ajax only recently found themselves fighting their way back to the top. Currently third, there is a good chance that Ajax will move to the second place after today. Already the result shows that Ajax is leading by 2 goals against Sparta Rotterdam. PSV is right behind Ajax but with the recent shocking loss to NEC Nijmegan yesterday, Ajax should be able to build up some cushion away from PSV.

The saddest of all of the Big Three is Feyenoord. The traditional rival to Ajax has not been well for the past few season but this year is probably one of the worst for Feyenoord. It is unlikely for Feyenoord to mount any reasonable challenge to the title as well as for places in the Champions League and the UEFA Cup.

Ajax has been impressive so far since it is troubled with injury and suspension. And this is also despite the fact that performance on the pitch is not so convincing. One could actually wonder how the hell Ajax has been so lucky so far.

In any case, the leaders of the table from Day 1 to now have been unexpected. Groningen, NEC, Twente. These teams are proving that they are not scared of the Big Three anymore and certainly, not of Feyenoord at all. The kind of disrespect they have shown Feyenoord is hair-raising.

I am unsure if these teams have gotten better over the years. It is probably more of a case which the Big Three have not been performing, with Feyenoord representing an extreme case. The performance of Dutch teams in European competition is another point which supports this hypothesis.

Mediocrity has made this season one of the most egalitarian version of the Eredivisie. This is simply sad but the socialists are probably celebrating. (Heh. I cannot help it. Their penchant for wealth egalitarianism is missing the larger picture.)

There is another team that probably has demonstrated consistent improving and that is AZ Alkmaar. Currently second and mostly like to come out first at the end of today, AZ under former Ajax manager, Louis van Gaal. With Feyenoord floating like a deadwood in the Rhine, AZ is likely to assume Feyenoord’s position as the feared Dutch-trio.

Looking at the Eredivisie so far however, it is hard to say the term Big Three without incredulity. The first and the fifth placed team are only separated by 5 points.

Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams. Some rights reserved Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams. Some rights reserved Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams. Some rights reserved

p/s ā€” after the dust settles for the week, three teams at top ā€” in the order of AZ, Ajax and NAC Breda ā€” share the same points, separated only by goal difference.

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