Three cheers for liberty:

Two major parties in Turkey say they will submit a joint plan to parliament to ease a ban on the Islamic headscarf in universities.

The Islamist-rooted governing AK Party and the nationalist MHP say it is an issue of human rights and freedoms. [Turkish MPs plan headscarf reform. BBC News. January 29 2008]

I dare say that Islamic headscarf (or the burqa) is becoming a symbol of liberty in Turkey, the Netherlands and Europe at large. It has to be noted that it is so because of restriction imposed on it. Circumstances made it so. At other places where headscarf or burqa is a mandatory attire, it is a symbol of oppression instead.

The headscarf itself has no inherent value.

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  1. on 01 Feb 2008 at 19:38 Anti PAS

    [ADMIN: suspected impersonator GaryWBush, Musa, Gul etc. Kindly ignore: see ]

    Islamic headscarf is NOT “a” or “the” symbol of liberty but a symbol of enslavement. Vast of majority of Dutch are Christians and they view Jesus Christ as the only symbol of liberty. I support banning Hijab to suppress the Muslim identity completely and FORCE assimilate muslims into the kaafir society.

    This is tit-for-tat (ie Golden Rule) as PAS too force assimilate Christians as Muslim Malays. One such example is PAS advocating murder of murtads.

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