‘Superstition.’ What a strange word. If you believed in Christianity or Islam, it was called ‘faith.’ But if you believed in astrology or Friday the thirteenth it was called superstition! Who had the right to call other people’s belief superstition? [Sophie’s World. Jostein Gaarder. Page 42]

Wow. Gaarder’s Sophie’s World and two previous books that I read, Beinhocker’s Origin of Wealth: Evolution, Complexity and the Radical Remaking of Economics and Dawkins’ The God Delusion, have common themes to relate to each other. Beinhocker’s and Dawkins’ share the idea of evolution while Dawkins’ and Gaarder’s touch on religion. Granted, the shared themes are not the main themes of each book but there are no doubt overlaps.

I tried to connect Beinhocker’s the previous book in my list, Rehman Rashid’s A Malaysian Journey but I would have to resort to a very broad topic to find a common theme — for instance, the language is English — which would not be too astounding to deserve a mention.

I wonder how I could relate Gaarder’s with the next book I plan to read. Maybe, I am getting ahead of myself. Still, though I have just started with Sophie’s World, I have a feeling that it will not take me long to reach the ending, especially when I have finally settled with favorite time of the day to read book while cutting down on the time I spend on the internet.

This is quite embarrassing but I think I am addicted to the internet again. It is not as severe as it once had been during the glorious day of Utopia and World of Warcraft but it is slowly getting there. To my defense however, I spend most of the time on Wikipedia reading up on history, philosophy and other curiosities that pop up out of nowhere. And of course, blogging.

This is unhealthy. Thank heavens for the Nature Society. Now, I can go do healthy stuff while surfing the internet on my Blackberry in the wild!

Err… right.

Argh. Blackberry is a bane.

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