[2665] Mount Lawu, Java

Prior to traveling to Java, I had never seen a volcano before. And I am happy to write that the first ever volcano I saw with my very own naked eyes were the mythical Mount Merbabu and its twin, Merapi on my early morning approach to Yogyakarta in Central Java. I actually got to the foot of Merapi. Time however was extremely short and so, I did not spend too much time there. Merapi last erupted in 2010 and there were signs of the eruption everywhere. Especially impressive was a crevasse which molten earth ran through downhill. It must have been a sight to remember.

Anyway… this one is not one of those two famous volcanoes however. This is Mount Lawu, I think, slightly to the east of Surakarta, or probably better known as Solo.

Mount Lawu, Central Java

I kind of regretted for not spending time in Solo. Nearby are the ruins of Majapahit. Maybe, the next time I decide to have an adventure in Java, I will spend some time exploring Solo and its environs. And I will definitely spend some more time in Yogyakarta. Did I tell you that I love Yogyakarta?

The photo is not the greatest. I took the shot inside of the train, through the glass window. And I was on my long range lens, which allows only limited amount of light into the camera. But I love it still because it is the only concrete thing that I have to remind of where I was, if I ever grow old and lose my memory to become a old man some time in the late 21st century.

Or maybe, hopefully, some time in the early 22nd century. I still want to see my flying cars.

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