The Rohingyas in Kuala Lumpur had a small public protest at Ampang Park today. The Rohingyas were protesting against the latest rounds of atrocity committed against their community in Myamnar. The Malaysian police broke up the demonstration and arrested quite a number of the participants.[1] The police should release them. It is disheartening to see […]

There is an old wooden Buddhist monastery in Inwa. And inside it is a library-school.

The sun was setting and I was late. I was the only foreigner on the boat crossing the river from Inwa to the other side. As I was making myself comfortable on the boat, a local came on with his bicycle. I thought, the man and his bicycle would make a nice photo. This turned […]

[2722] Innocence

Two kids somewhere south of Mandalay. They were following me around and they were more than happy to pose for a photo when I pointed my camera at them. Notice that they are smiling but the monk child in maroon has his right foot bandaged. And look at the feet of the kid at the […]

I am at that stage when I am way too lazy to blog serious stuff. I blame it on Twitter. So, more pictures. Let us hope with this one, I am less careless with the grammar. I have re-read some of the recent entries, and oh my god, embarrassing. Still… I present to you, the […]

As a libertarian, I have a strong dislike for the cultish reverence towards a person, where one puts a picture of a political leader everywhere almost to the point of worshiping them. It is not the excessive putting of portraits really. It is the attitude of revering too much. It is the worldview that that […]

This is right in the middle of Rangoon. The market is formerly called Scott’s Market but like all good post-colonial governments, they renamed it to get rid of the colonial legacy. Bogyoke Aung San, the person which the market is named after, was responsible for the independence of Burma. He was also the father of […]

I spent about 3 weeks in Burma recently, traveling roughly 2,000 km in Burma by trains, buses, cars, trucks and bikes. I began in Rangoon, went up north to Mandalay, west to Bagan, east to Inle and then back to Rangoon for the new year’s eve celebration. I love Burma. The people there are nice. […]

Trivia: How does Southeast Asia treat its first and only winner of the Nobel Prize? Answer: The home country throws her into prison (okay, it was commuted to home arrest…) and others in the region do nothing. BANGKOK — Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese pro-democracy leader, was sentenced Tuesday to three years of hard […]

Money may not be the only thing in this world but it does make a lot of people happy, including the junta of Myanmar. But keeping the junta happy is not what I have in mind when I want to help the people of Myanmar. We may have forgotten that Cyclone Nargis took tens of […]

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