There is talk of a third force in Malaysia. Lawyer and activist Haris Ibrahim has stated that the third force is a bunch of independents ready to co-operate with Pakatan Rakyat. Zaid Ibrahim wants to form a third political party. If in the end, it comes to a third competitive and national political grouping capable […]

There will be a big parliamentary by-election today in Hulu Selangor. By-elections have always been big in Malaysia but the fact that Pakatan Rakyat is fielding a giant makes this edition important by its own right. Zaid Ibrahim is not an obscure name. Important or not, I do not feel the excitement of by-elections anymore. […]

The Malay language has undergone multiple changes throughout its life. As the language evolves, it enhances intergenerational difference. Different generation would subscribe to their version of the language, if they do not particularly follow development in the language closely. Zaid Ibrahim is an example of a person who still uses an outdated spelling of Malay. […]

One: DATUK Zaid Ibrahim has tendered his resignation as the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. He has just submitted his letter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. [Zaid Quits. New Straits Times. September 15 2008] Two: KUALA LUMPUR: Speculation is rife that de facto law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has resigned. According […]