In the past week or so, there were several news reports stating that Malaysia was regressing backward relative to the high-income country GNI benchmark of $15,000 per person by 2020. The Economic Planning Unit showed the figure fell to $9,291 in 2015 and to $8,821 in 2016, from $10,677 in 2014.[1] From the figures alone, […]

It is only right: Paul Wolfowitz is to quit as president of the World Bank following a bitter promotion row involving his girlfriend. After lengthy talks with the bank’s board, Mr Wolfowitz said he would quit the global lending body on 30 June. He had faced widespread calls for his resignation after being accused of […]

The Bernama report that tries to link Anwar Ibrahim with Paul Wolfowitz — the current President of the World Bank — is a cheap shot and has been criticized by a number of people on the blogosphere. Nevertheless, Anwar Ibrahim will have to explain his connection to Paul Wolfowitz. This is especially so when the […]