We are experiencing a supply-side crisis. The lockdown is inducing labor shortage, and it has the potential of exerting lasting damage on the economy if not handled properly. It seems to me that the last time Malaysia or any of its components had a supply crisis was in the 1940s during World War II and […]

There is a civil war in Libya and the one that started it is Muammar Gaddafi. He is a vicious man. The way he violently handled peaceful protests against his government justifies the rebellion that is underway in the country. Between the Gaddafi government and the rebels along with the protesters, I find it impossible […]

I am not particularly warm to Obama due to his economic policy. Shadows of protectionism and greater government intervention lurk somewhere. His foreign policy however is a cause to celebrate. The Obama that spoke in Oslo as he delivered his Nobel Prize speech is the Obama that I like. His speech on the need of […]

The New York Times today draws a parallel between the Bosnian conflict and Iraq. The article visits one of the solutions that could end inter-communal violence in Iraq and that solution is partition, just like what happened to Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. The article further states three reasons why the Balkanization of Iraq might not […]