It is fashionable in certain circles these days in Malaysia to question the reliability of GDP as a measure of welfare. They say they do not feel GDP growth and they prefer something like household income or wage statistics to a measure that is hard to understand. The more extreme criticism goes to claim GDP […]

There are a lot of conversations about income these days. In Malaysia, the conversations also get a bit racial sometimes. But how did it look like over the past years? The following describes the average Malaysian household monthly income (pre-tax) according to ethnicity: This is in nominal ringgit, i.e. it does not account for inflation. […]

The articulation of concern for stagnating wages is well-rehearsed among Malaysians who are just entering the labor force as well as those earning low wages. For most fresh graduates especially, life in the city would be far more painful than it is without the support of their parents. Regardless of justification, many have complained about […]

Wages in Malaysia are generally depressed. Protectionists blame foreign labor as the main cause of that depression. According to them, if we are less dependent on foreign labor — low-skilled mostly — wages will go up. So, they want to kick out as many foreign labor as possible. Even all, for the extremists. They make […]

[1357] Of women have vagina!

There are wages gap between male and female workers and generally, men systematically earn more than women, all else being constant. One may suspect this is a result of male chauvinistic society but there are more behind the wage differential than simple male chauvinism. One of many factors that may contribute to wage differential is […]