Sandy, Sandy everywhere, Sandy messes with your hair, Sandy says she’s coming, Sandy sends everyone flying. Sandy crashes into the shore, straight into Jersey Shore, Sandy’s a storm that’s horrible, crossing a show that’s terrible. But what’s the price, of an October Surprise, when everybody expects, what everybody expects?

Before the presidential debate began, I had expected Romney to be creamed. The Obama team was steamrolling for weeks or months now and it appeared that Romney was doing a terrible job at campaigning for the election. Yes, Obama is only¬†maintaining a slim margin, but that margin has not been changing much. Already various commentators […]

I do not take hard currency idea seriously. Hard currency is a wacky idea. I generally think supporters of hard currency, gold standard advocates being the worst, as non-serious discussants of monetary policy. Hard currency is inflexible and it will exert unnecessary pain in time of crisis. If we had a hard currency all over […]

Saint Santorum needed Michigan, But he couldn’t get enough Republicans, “Damn it Mitt,” said the senator, “I’m going with the Democrat electors.”

President Obama has just announced that Osama Bin Laden is dead. ¬†I am sure there will be a lot of discussions on the matter, of how it will affect relationship with the Muslim world, of how this will affect military operation in Pakistan and many others. One question I want to explore is its potential […]

Stubbornness. Yes. Hillary is one damn stubborn Clinton.

But there, too, the ground is shifting. Only weeks ago, Mr. DuHaime spoke in a call about the former mayor’s strong lead in those states. “Some of these leads are momentum-proof at this point,” he said. Mr. Giuliani now trails or is at best tied in polls in all of those states. And soon after […]

Mr. Mike “I-want-to-change-the-Constitution” Huckabee lost the South Carolina’s primaries. Just days before the South Coralina’s primaries, Huckabee said this (via): I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution. But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the […]

Ron Paul has outdone Giuliani yet again. This time, it is in Michigan! It is good to remember that Michigan primaries is more important to the Republicans than to the Democrats. Indeed, unless the penalty on Michigan is removed, Clinton’s win is practically worthless. And it is good to note that Wastenaw, the country which […]

[1510] Of how is Ron Paul?

Heh: It describes my life.

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