[2292] Of ominous sky

I said I was working on it. I finally decided to do it. I tweaked the code for this blog to make the template wider to accommodate larger pictures that I post. I originally posted pictures with the width of 500px only , partly because I was being paranoid about people stealing it, about bandwidth and mostly […]

This was shot way back in March earlier this year. Oh boy. How time flies.

It was a beautiful day today. The panel belongs to the Fisher Library. What I like about this photo is the difference in sharpness of the shade.

I have this weird relationship between law schools and richly-decorated old buildings stuck in my head. The Law School at the University of Sydney definitely does not fit that bill. In fact, the building with the most modern design belongs to the Law School. This building is probably the most prominent building here, next to […]

[2088] Of the Great Hall is old

There was a ceremony today to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Great Hall at the University. It is not everyday one can explore the old hall, climb up its stairs to the roof as well as checking out the carillon.

Yes, it is holiday for the University. I myself will be leaving the city on Monday to treat myself with a trip, after all those hectic days. As you can see, I have stripped away those green colors in favor of a more minimalist style. Yes, I had nothing to do today and I needed […]

I have not been blogging religiously as I want to. This is due to slightly being overwhelmed with school work, stuff to do for the Malaysia Think Tank as well as the Malaysian Nature Society, meeting people planning a revolution and writing in general. And how do I solve the problem? By playing Championship Manager. […]

Yet another photo from Sydney. This time, it is a building on campus ground. This is the Main Quadrangle, the oldest part of the University.

A great view.

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