It is always nice to watch Malaysians from across the spectrum uniting and cheering behind a Malaysian athlete or team in competitive sports at the international level. That more or less happened when the number one national badminton player Lee Chong Wei was up against Lin Dan of China at the London Olympics. He failed […]

There is a strong emphasis in unity in Malaysia. It is easy to rationalize why so. The country has been diverse from the very beginning of its modern history. Each group largely lives differently. While difference and diversity can be sources of strength, it can also be a source of conflict. For all the myths […]

The proposal to form a so-called unity government between PAS and UMNO finally finds its rightful place — in a dustbin. Nothing guarantees any PAS member from rummaging through the trash to rejuvenate the idea however. If the dream still lingers, I am here to offer a dire possibility. If PAS-UMNO unity comes true, PAS […]

When I first read over the news about the occupying force in Iraq was constructing a wall between Sunni and Shiite Arab areas in Baghdad in hope to reduce violent contact between the two groups, I felt a hint of disapproval toward that plan, as much as I felt against the proposal to turn Iraq […]