It is the final GDP release before the year goes to the dogs! The Department of Statistics will announce the fourth quarter figures tomorrow at noon. Before that, let us play a game: For some context, the year 2017 was a pretty good year for GDP growth. It came after a pretty bad two-year period […]

Both the GDP and the CPI numbers for Malaysia were released yesterday. Real GDP growth grew by 5.4% in the second quarter from a year ago. Although I suspected that growth would be strong due to strong showing in the industrial production index, I found 5.4% as surprising still. It was too strong for whatever […]

One impact of minimum wage is the general increase in labor supply in the market. Let us be clear and not talk too generally or loosely. Precision is key. I think if you cannot be clear, then it is very likely that you do not understand or have not thought of the issue well enough. […]

In the short run when (nominal) prices are not so flexible, there will be a trade-off between (nominal) minimum wages and unemployment rate. The mechanics is simple. If businesses cannot change the price they charge their customers, they will optimize their cost. Since a person’s real wage theoretically equals the person’s marginal product of labor […]

An argument goes that rate hike will not address inflationary pressure in Malaysia. It is not as effective against cost-push inflation as it is against demand-pull inflation. And right now, the¬†economy is experiencing cost-push inflation. More importantly, the push is coming from abroad. It is practically exogenous, discounting the liberalization exercise (which itself originates from […]