[2399] A-twittering around

Twitter is taking much of my blogging time away. That explains the dearth of posts here. If you are in the appetite for an angrier, snappier and a snarkier me, follow me on Twitter.

Away from the chaos on the streets of Ipoh and within the hall of Perak state assembly, a storm of short messages kept coming in, flashing and distributing the latest developments faster and wider than anything imaginable in the past. Enter Twitter. This is yet another sign of evolution within the already hyperactive Malaysian Internet […]

Twitter has it that Nizar has won the court case! CONFIRMED! NIZAR IS STILL MB! IT IS ELECTION TIME! In time when Nizar is the third most popular tag in Twitter… …this is how PM Najib Tun Razak’s tweets look like: Thanks to Lulu for the idea.

…please tag your tweets as “#1BM” or “#1BlackMalaysia”. Remove the quotation marks. We need more sources on the ground. By the way, those already on the ground are doing a great job. p/s — follow the whole wave at http://twitter.com/#search?q=1BlackMalaysia