I have an English translation of the Masnavi at home. It has been on my shelves for years but I have never read it full, much like my collection of Kafka’s, or writings of Robert Nozick and Bertrand Russell, or even the Koran. The Masnavi feels like a reference material. You do not read it […]

The digital life is oppressive sometimes. Because we are now able to record every single second of our life, some of us are in constant fear leaving any moment left unrecorded. So much so that we have become slaves to our digital memory, and failed to enjoy the moment itself without any assistance lfrom our […]

In times when China is growing ever influential with other governments become increasingly reluctant to criticize the Dragon, it is good to know that someone has the courage to stand up and go against the wave. In response to the situation in Xinjiang where a racial riot between Uighur minority and Han majority that caused […]

Three cheers for liberty: Two major parties in Turkey say they will submit a joint plan to parliament to ease a ban on the Islamic headscarf in universities. The Islamist-rooted governing AK Party and the nationalist MHP say it is an issue of human rights and freedoms. [Turkish MPs plan headscarf reform. BBC News. January […]

Abdullah Gul is almost certain to be the next President of Turkey. Gul’s Islamist past however is causing great consternation among Turkish secularists. They had rallied impressive public dissent that ultimately failed in the face of democracy. The defeat has further caused the secularists distress. I however believe Turkish secularists are worrying too much and […]

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