I do love trees. There is something comforting about trees, especially when I am surrounded by tall buildings most of the times. In the tropical Kuala Lumpur, it also has a cooling effect. That makes the city every bit more livable, never mind the aesthetic value it offers. Imagine large rain trees with the sound […]

It was a beautiful day today. The panel belongs to the Fisher Library. What I like about this photo is the difference in sharpness of the shade.

I have not been blogging religiously as I want to. This is due to slightly being overwhelmed with school work, stuff to do for the Malaysia Think Tank as well as the Malaysian Nature Society, meeting people planning a revolution and writing in general. And how do I solve the problem? By playing Championship Manager. […]

As promised. I had some fun in trying to focus on the object of interest: Here is the focused shot:

On the morning of January 1, I was in Malacca visiting my grandmother. She owns a rubber estate nearby and so, I decided to visit it. It was a productive visit, methinks: There are several other photos from the estate that I want to share but I shall not post it today. But soon.