Text to the Transpacific Partnership came out today. I have yet to go through it fully. It is massive and it can be technical. It is worse than Sejarah Melayu. It will take time. Nevertheless, I attended a briefing at the trade ministry earlier today and I think I understand the gist of the most important chapters. My somewhat […]

Among those who oppose the TPP in Malaysia, the US is on their crosshair, always. The opposition is so US-centric that I wonder whether they are anti-TPP, or anti-US. Malaysia has signed several other FTAs in the past years and negotiating more but you do not hear any complaint against those. Among the pro-TPP too, whether it is about […]

Bantah TPPA is an anti-TPP group, comprising of various groups of differing interests. The Malaysian Aids Council for one has legitimate concerns about drug patents but others like the Maljis Tindakan Economi Melayu and similar organizations are reeked with self-interest openly preferring protectionist policy for the few packaged as affirmative action, benefiting certain producers in […]

Joseph Stigliz argues that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will disrupt pre-existing efficient Asian supply chain.[1] That essentially suggests that the TPP creates trade diversion away from non-TPP Asian countries. While this argument is true if it stands in isolation, it is not applicable for Malaysia. This is because Malaysia already maintains free trade deals with […]

I have previously highlighted the cost of Malaysia not participating in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is a proposed free trade agreement among 12 countries across the Pacific. The cost comes in the form of trade diversion. I have only mentioned the qualitative aspect however. While it is good to know that, having quantitative assessment of the […]

As negotiations progress, opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is getting louder in Malaysia. The opposition camp is focusing on possible loss of policy independence arising from the implementation of the TPP and its potential cost to ordinary Malaysians. While their concerns are legitimate and deserve attention, it is also important to know that there […]