It is likely for those supportive of the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq to call the operation an act of liberation. Appearing on NBC’s ”Meet the Press” hosted by Tim Russert, former US Vice-President Dick Cheney confidently postulated that Iraqis would greet the US military as liberators. Not to deny that there were Iraqis who […]

For some sentimental reason, I opened up a box which I had not touched ever since I got back from Michigan several years ago. In it, I found a familiar magazine with yellow strip framing its front page. It was an old copy of the National Geographic magazine. There is an article about Tibet in […]

Violence by Chinese during the Olympic flame relay in Seoul, Sunday, has ignited anti-China sentiment among Koreans. The Beijing Olympic torch was successfully relayed from the South to North Korea, supported by enthusiastic Chinese supporters. However, the relay was marred by a clash between human rights activists and an overwhelming number of supporters, which left […]

The flags of tyranny shamelessly flew over the MERDEKA Square. MERDEKA means independence. Read Kuala Lumpur for a Free Tibet for the background story.

[1624] Of support liberty

Go to Kuala Lumpur for a Free Tibet for the latest update. Update — I was physically harassed by volunteers from the People’s Republic of China. I was treated so because I disagreed with them. Peaceful dissent was forcefully silenced. These thugs from the PRC brought their un-free culture to Malaysia. I shall write a […]

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