This was back in 2011 in Paris. I was there at the height of the Arab Spring and also interestingly, during the emergence of French far-right parties in mainstream politics. I do not have much or anything new to say. It is late here in Kuala Lumpur, six or seven hours ahead of Paris. Yet, […]

I have told this story many times to friends. I just woke up from sleep. It was sometime between 8AM and 9AM. My first semester at Michigan. The first or the second week of class. Chemistry class was due at 10AM. Or really, ten after ten. It was Michigan time, you see. I needed to […]

I watched a documentary once. It was about Muslims in America. There was a young female Muslim in New York with typical American lifestyle. She was not the conservative type and I am on confident of that. She did wear a scarf though and that probably tells you that she identified herself with Islam. In […]

Death is always unpleasant for life is always too precious to waste. Hence, I greet the death of Noordin Mohammed Top with a kind of bitter sweet feeling. Part of me regretted it while the other half is happy to learn that regional terrorist network has lost an important figurehead.[1] His ideal is disagreeable and […]

Indonesia can be an important factor in the creation of a liberal democratic Malaysia. Its sheer size, its proximity to Malaysia and deep ties that bind both countries prevent any pretension that our developmental path is independently of each other. It is for this reason that recent liberal, democratic, and economic advancements in Indonesia are […]

This was the Wall Street Journal Asia in the week of the attack on Mumbai. Not that I fully agree with it but I thought it sufficiently captures that there are oppositions among Muslims against the use of terror, contrary to accusation that terror happens because the moderates do not voice their opposition out. One […]

JUST is organizing a seminar on terrorism set for early next month. I have been invited but unfortunately, I have promised my group within the Malaysian Nature Society to climb up the Klang Gates Ridge together with them on the same day. And so, I have to skip the seminar. To absolve myself from guilt […]

The government of the United States of America has put up a bounty of USD5 million on a Malaysian: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States added Zulkifli bin Hir, a Malaysian suspected of bomb attacks in the Philippines, to its most-wanted list on Tuesday and offered a $5 million reward for information leading to his […]