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[2301] Of Watsons Bay

Like in the previous picture, Manly is on the horizon. Wikipedia says that the lighthouse is the third oldest lighthouse in Australia (if Wikipedia says so, it has to be true. Would Jimmy Wales lie to us?). It was built in 1858. It guards the entrance to Port Jackson, or really, the city of Sydney.

I woke up one morning and then I felt an urge to see the Tasman Sea. So I got on a bus to catch a boat ride to Watsons Bay, which is to the east of Sydney. This particular shot was taken from South Head, one of the heads that form the entrance to Sydney […]

This is somewhere between Bronte and Coogee.

[2277] Of Glebe Street Fair

I love street fairs. Ann Arbor has the Street Art Festival and the Top of the Park, as part of its annual summer festival. It makes the small town livelier and it makes the sweltering summer easier to live through. Too bad I do not have too many photos of my Ann Arbor days. The […]

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