[2724] Anzac Bridge, Sydney

I was going through old photos today and I found this: the Anzac Bridge. I used to go to this spot quite often, because I lived nearby. I have lived in several places in this world and I think it is hard to beat Glebe in Sydney. I would wake up every day and every […]

[2481] Happy New Year

This was taken exactly one year ago Down Under. The coast guard was partying on the boat.

[2371] Angry waters

I went through my old photos just now. This is one of those photos that I like and I have yet to share. The photo was shot at Watsons Bay, Sydney. If you click the link, I can tell you that it was taken from the top of the cliff, near the lighthouse, looking down. […]

I do think that this building has the most elaborate facade along Broadway. Yet, it is under appreciated. A lot of people with camera tend to overlook the building, interested in the nearby buildings belonging to the University of Sydney instead.

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