There are several possible consequences that I fear from the ongoing armed conflict in Sabah. One of them is a public wide urge to expel Sulu and Filipino immigrants out of the state. There is already considerable negative sentiment against the Sulu and Filipino people in Sabah even before the armed men landed to bring […]

The United States was entrenched deeply in two major wars throughout most of the first decade of the 21st century. Just after the shocking September 11, 2001 attacks organized by al Qaeda, the US responded strongly by invading Afghanistan and removed the Taliban from power. After a quick initial success in the landlocked country, the […]

I have a fundamental objection to the Sulu and the Philippine claims of Sabah. Calling it the claim of Sabah is somewhat inaccurate because if the Philippine claim is wholly based on the Sulu claim, then by right the claim only covers roughly the eastern half of Sabah. Nevertheless, the objection that I have is […]

Amid the noise that is Perak,[1] other equally if not more important things are creeping under the carpet. One of them is about Sabah. In Malaysiakini: The Philippine government has recognised Sulu Sultan Esmail Dalus II’s announcement over the weekend that he will ‘drop’ the suzerainty claim to Sabah since it is ‘complicated’. [Sulu sultan […]