I wrote two years ago that between 1989 and 2009, sugar price in Malaysia had increased on average less than 1% yearly within that period. To be slightly more precise, it rose on average by about 0.8% per year. In 1989, sugar was priced at RM1.20 per kg while in 2009, RM1.45 per kg. With […]

On December 7 in the Parliament, based on the Hansard, Deputy Minister for International Trade and Industry Jacob Dungau Sagan was asked whether the government intends to abolish a policy that grants exclusive permits for imports to limited entities and effectively, the granting of monopoly power to several companies over certain commodities such as sugar […]

Sugar price per kilogram in Malaysia in 1989 was RM1.20, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Sugar price per kilogram in Malaysia today is RM1.45. If sugar were the only commodity in the world for Malaysia, it would suggest that average annual inflation rate for the past 20 years […]

Ask a layperson what he or she thinks of the definition of economics. If they do not say it is the art of making money, many of them will mention that it is a study of supply and demand. In truth, economics is larger than either popular but otherwise misleading definitions. More accurately, it is […]

Last time, it was sugar shortage and the scapegoats were so-called smugglers and hoarders whereas the real problem was price ceiling. Now, we are having cooking oil shortage. The scapegoats this time? Guess who? This is getting old. This problem keeps recurring because the root of the problem has not been deal it with; the […]