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[2008] Of it is a race, then

The federal government has set a timeline: IPOH, June 13 (Bernama) — The impact of the first and second stimulus packages totalling RM67 billion announced by the government, can only be seen in the third and fourth quarters of this year, said Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah. He said the ministries […]

Whatever the results may be for the gross domestic product growth rate for the first quarter of the year, let us be clear about one thing. The two fiscal stimulus packages have only insignificant impact, if not at all, to Malaysian economy in that period. Any effort to paint the stimulus packages as having helped […]

Some concrete evidence that the economy may have recovered faster than expected: The Coincident Index (CI) rose by 0.5% in February 2009. The increase of the index was mainly contributed by real sales in manufacturing sector (0.5%), real salaries & wages in manufacturing sector (0.2%) and real contributions in EPF (0.2%). The six-month smoothed growth […]

Have you ever wondered how the Malaysian government plans to finance its stimulus package as well as its fiscal deficit? Well… KUALA LUMPUR: The RM2.5bil Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat government bond launched Tuesday is all snapped up. [RM2.3bil Sukuk bonds snapped up in 2 days. The Star. April 17 2009] How about borrowing from PNB? Permodalan […]

Libertarians typically have no reason to protest the typical annual meeting of Group 20 (G20). G20 is of course the grouping of the richest and most influential countries in the world. This year’s meet up in London however is not a typical gathering. It is extraordinary because of the global economic turbulence we are witnessing […]

Despite being a person who is generally skeptical to the idea of economic stimulus, I did hold high hope for the second stimulus package or the mini-budget as it is called. I thought this would be the time when we would finally do things differently. Like a crystal glass thrown into the air only to […]

I was born yesterday. And I did not study economics. KUALA LUMPUR, March 12 — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak says that the 7.6 per cent fiscal deficit is not expected to affect Malaysia’s credit rating. Winding up the debate on the RM60 billion second stimulus package, he said that this was because […]

Have you ever engaged in animated conversion with friends, debating intently on a point only to find out later how off tangent the discussion had become? How about a time when asked what was the original contention, all involved in the little discussion somehow had trouble answering the question? Well, something like that has happened […]

I am particularly disappointed with equity injection and introduction of more subsidies. In times when we have made strides in reforming the structure of the economy, here we are, undoing the hard fought success. The mention of equity injection reminds me: whatever happened to the RM5 billion given to ValueCap? The taxes part is too […]

A cliché can be dangerous sometimes. It can be so because behind a cliché is an implicit assumption of generalization which ignores differences that exist between cases. A cliché is especially damaging when it begins to be repeated by a whole lot of people who lack comprehension of the original context which introduced the cliché […]

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