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Since the Monetary Policy Committee will be meeting next week, it is only natural to talk about the Overnight Policy Rate. It currently stands at 3.00% and it is likely to stay like that after the MPC meet. I personally (and professionally!) am betting a cut only in March as I think while inflationary pressure […]

You know how that one particular argument against fiscal stimulus goes. There is a temporal mismatch between crisis period and the actual spending. The bureaucracy and incomplete information act to delay the implementation of the stimulus. If transparency is of a concern, then it will further affect the timeliness of the stimulus spending. The crisis may end well before stimulus […]

Although the debate on fiscal stimulus has died down in Malaysia, I am still very much amused, if not outright dismissive, of a number of arguments made by advocates of stimulus. One argument is related to transparency: stimulus has to be transparent. Although the argument for transparency is a generic one and many have voiced it, […]

When the economy first began to tumble down in 2008, those within the government were eager to point out that weakened external demand caused it. The financial crisis that began in the United States hurt global trade. Being a highly trade-dependent economy, there was no escaping for Malaysia. To put the blame on those in […]

The fourth quarter of 2009 saw Malaysian economy recorded strong recovery on year-on-year basis.[1] So strong it was that the monetary authority of Malaysia went for a rate hike, making Malaysia the second country after Australia to adopt a hawkish monetary policy.[2] The question that should be asked now is, did we need the big […]

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