When faced with the unknown, we form assumptions based on what we know from previous experience. In science, it is fancier to call those assumptions as hypotheses. And hypotheses are meant to be tested. Those whom have done sufficient level of statistics will quickly understand this as hypothesis testing and at the very basic level, […]

Race politics dominates Malaysia and our deplorable politics have us Malaysians as Bumiputras, Chinese, Indians and others. At the center of it all is Malay politics. Yet, public statistics on Malay welfare are imprecise. This is true for household income and expenditure surveys conducted and published by the Department of Statistics. The surveys are the most […]

When the economy grew 6.4% from a year ago, does it really mean it grew exactly at that rate? Those kinds of statistics are supposed to give us the hard figures that we all can fall back as the one and only truth. Like the physical ones where a meter ruler is a meter long. But those […]

I am unsure if I am recalling this accurately but at back in my mind, amid cobwebs of vague memories, I somehow remember reading an Asimov’s short story in a stuffy old library at the Malay College in Kuala Kangsar. You will forgive me if it is not even Asimov’s writing. It may well be […]

This is the kind of use of statistics that I absolutely abhor. In the 1990 general elections, PAS’ support base stood at 375,867 votes. Last year, it reached 1.14 million, an almost threefold increase in 18 years. The huge increase in PAS’ support in last year’s general elections came mainly from its new supporters — […]

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