Liberal Malaysians in general are happy to stress on the wisdom of the crowd. In a context where the government holds a condescending attitude towards the public and in times when information spreads faster before the government can act, it is an appealing point to subscribe to. Travel around and try to talk politics among […]

While helping to clear out the ground where Raptor Watch was held last Sunday, I was impressed at how liberalism, classical liberalism, came to life at the Malaysian Nature Society-organized event. It started out when we had lots of stuff that needed to be moved from one spot into a storage room. Not only there […]

At the heart of libertarianism is liberty. From liberty arises spontaneous order. Spontaneous order is an idea that says order will arise naturally amid chaos. The way I see it, spontaneous order really happens when a society organizes itself to confront an issue. The term society that I am using here comprises purely of civil […]