The number 50 is psychologically special to almost everybody. Notwithstanding the debate about the age of Malaysia, whether it was 50 years old or 44 in 2007, we too had a huge celebration for our golden anniversary. Down south this year, Singapore is approaching its 50th anniversary as an independent state. The Singaporean anniversary is […]

The United States Federal Reserve has come under criticism for its third round of quantitative easing – or QE3 – from many countries, especially emerging ones, who are concerned it will lead to the creation of asset bubbles that will cause problems within their economies. What will be the effect of this QE3 on Singapore’s […]

A third bridge? PUTRAJAYA, June 11 (Bernama) — Singapore is quite keen on the construction of a third bridge linking the republic to Malaysia, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Thursday. “The concept of the third bridge on the eastern side of Johor is something which we will pursue, and Singapore is quite […]

Now, this is something interesting. While Singapore is all gone from the Malaysian coat of arms, the reverse is untrue. The reason is that the Singaporean crest is supported by a lion and a tiger. According to Wikipedia, the tiger honors the special historical tie Singapore has with Malaysia.[1] Aww, how sweet. [1] — See […]

Did you miss that interview IHT had with Lee Kuan Yew? IHT: This system, machinery of government here in Singapore is looked on as a model all over the world. Are you confident that it can survive indefinitely or does it face problems that some companies face? For example, when they try to expand, they […]