UAE scored 10 goals against Malaysia in the World Cup qualification. That is right. Ten against none. It is such a happy coincidence given the 1MDB and Najib scandals. It is UAE of all countries, the country which somebody sold Malaysia to. But up next in the schedule, for September 8, is Saudi Arabia, which […]

It is quite understandable why Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak wants to impress King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is an important country to Malaysia. It is the largest oil exporter in the world. It is the leader of the Muslim world by default, for better or for worse. But when the Prime Minister decided […]

…and that is get the local mosques to tone it down. In Saudi Arabia, they are doing just that: Saudi Arabia is cracking down on overly loud loudspeakers used to call the faithful to prayer, as mosques increasingly drown each other out, the official SPA news agency said on Saturday. [Saudi cracks down on blaring […]

In the NYT: One day last month, a young man stood at the center of a stage with long ropes bound around each wrist. One pulled him to the left, the other to the right — one toward secularism, the other toward religious extremism. His father struggled to hold him in the middle, shouting “Enough! […]