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As the polling day looms, life becomes absolutely hectic. This is Tony Pua prepping the crowd on Thursday’s night in Kuching, for the mother of all rallies on Friday. Party workers are calling it the Superfriday. Meanwhile, somewhere else, behind the scene… Ubah!

With SUPP risking a complete wipeout, its political campaign is getting desperate. Right now, the party is making the same mistake as MCA did in 2008. In 2008, fully realizing it was suffering from massive unpopularity, MCA resorted to the politics of race and fear. The Chinese-based party campaigned that if the Chinese did not […]

There is a township in Kuching, Sarawak called Padawan. Now, those who call themselves a Star Wars fan would be excited. Despite the name, there was no lightsaber yesterday. This was in Padawan on the second day of campaigning period in Sarawak. The crowd size in Padawan was much smaller than in other places. They […]

Here, Member of Parliament Tony Pua was speaking to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng before the latter took the stage to address the crowd in Kuching. The CM is a crowd-puller while the MP is one of the minds behind the DAP machinery here. How big was the crowd? The opposition is definitely on […]

Ubah the Hornbill says hi.

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