The Rohingyas in Kuala Lumpur had a small public protest at Ampang Park today. The Rohingyas were protesting against the latest rounds of atrocity committed against their community in Myamnar. The Malaysian police broke up the demonstration and arrested quite a number of the participants.[1] The police should release them. It is disheartening to see […]

I had a short consulting stint once long ago with a small firm. I think I can say that a lot of consultants like sexy terms but the one phrase that comes to my mind today is ”analysis paralysis”: the analysis goes on and on in an infinite loop, leaving no space for action at […]

It is not odd that we care for the Palestinians so much and talk as if we can do something about it when in fact, those actions most of us did only make us feel good and nothing else. But for those right in front of our doorstep, we choose silence instead and pretend all […]