The 4Q15 GDP figures came out better than my expectation. I had projected about 4.3% YoY but the official figure came slightly higher at 4.5% YoY. However, it is still an overall slowdown as warned earlier. But there is a good news here. The blue line in the chart above representing consumption growth picked up. That is a green shoot, a […]

Visiting the shopping malls of Kuala Lumpur can be a confusing experience. It is always full of happy people with friends and lovers. And probably businesspeople with their clients too. As I patiently await my opportunity to take a break from this crazy country, I find myself with an employment that is physically located close […]

One of the few industries that are truly reflective of the real economy is the retail industry. The reason is that retailing is the industry which will enjoy or suffer the initial wave of any change in the health of consumers’ real wealth. Today, the Department of Statistics finally made public the performance of the […]