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Veblen introduced some interesting ideas in The Theory of the Leisure Class. My professor seems to insist that Veblen was an early pioneer in the field of signalling. Although Veblen drove his ideas to the extreme to bring in absurd implications that I simply will not buy, there are specific arguments that I find attractive […]

I have clarified my position regarding the usage of the term Allah by Catholic group and by extension, any term by anybody. This reasoning forms the basis of my position not to oppose Catholic group’s use of the term. Indeed, I consider this line of reasoning as not only the most convincing for me, consistent […]

And so it has come to this. Amid the tension between those who support — or at least do not oppose — and those who oppose the use of the term Allah by the Catholic Church in Malaysia, a church was torched by arsonists, as the initial reports go.[1] I fear that this might not […]

An optimist may take the view that politics is unifying. A realist will understand that politics is divisive. It is possible that this realization is the reason why the Sultan of Selangor expressed his concern about the use of mosques for political purposes. For better or for worse, political activities in mosques are inevitable, if […]

…and that is get the local mosques to tone it down. In Saudi Arabia, they are doing just that: Saudi Arabia is cracking down on overly loud loudspeakers used to call the faithful to prayer, as mosques increasingly drown each other out, the official SPA news agency said on Saturday. [Saudi cracks down on blaring […]

I now understand a step in the history of evolution of secularism. Though I think it is ultimately irrelevant to why I subscribe to secularism, it nevertheless enlightening to see how the school of thought evolved. Ethics is the work that provided the energy for a quantum leap in the area. Baruch Spinoza completed Ethics […]

I had never read a book after watching its film adaptation. I am usually dismissive of those who do that. I admit, I am arrogant about this kind of stuff. It is a feeling of those listening to alternative less-than-mainstream music have against those that listen to commercialized songs like Britney Spears’ or Backstreet Boys’. […]

Kesesakan lalu lintas adalah satu kebiasaan bagi Lebuhraya Persekutuan. Kehadiran pemandu-pemandu yang tidak sopan yang sentiasa memotong barisan juga tidak asing. Tambahan lagi, Jumaat semalam bagi saya merupakan satu hari yang dipenuhi dengan permintaan yang tidak munasabah langsung. Mujurlah ada radio sebagai teman yang sentiasa cuba mengalihkan perhatian saya daripada sumber-sumber yang menimbulkan kemarahan. Di […]

[1650] Of I am the Messiah

I wonder how many religions started like this.

A really odd but well-argued point on Obama’s religion and how it would affect the relationship between the US and the Muslim world at large. As the son of the Muslim father, Senator Obama was born a Muslim under Muslim law as it is universally understood. It makes no difference that, as Senator Obama has […]

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