There are hard positions in our society. It is the product of years of abuse and mistrust, and it will not go away anytime soon. One small issue that rekindles our prejudice in the smallest of ways would ignite a culture war sucking almost everybody in the most unproductive manner. Some culture wars are worth […]

This is the first significant protest the current government faces. And this is yet another opportunity for this government to demonstrate that it is different from the previous corrupt racist, fascist regime. That can be shown by accommodating the protest as much as possible with a view of not being explicitly hostile to it either […]

It is September 15, the eve of Malaysia Day. As I walk out of the train station into the atrium of KL Sentral, I see rows of the Malaysian flags draping down from the ceiling. Those red and white stripes are unmistakable. The flag-flying fervor has not been as strong as it had been in […]

I had a short consulting stint once long ago with a small firm. I think I can say that a lot of consultants like sexy terms but the one phrase that comes to my mind today is ”analysis paralysis”: the analysis goes on and on in an infinite loop, leaving no space for action at […]

I think a lot of us Malaysians have engaged in those long never-ending debates about racism before. The problem with these debates is that they are framed within the context of Malaysian citizenry and more often than not, they ignore the universal value of equality across the human race. This gives rise to hypocrisy among […]

It is a bit surprising to read about the controversy revolving around both Gardenia and Federal Flour Mills. The accusations have been wild and one reason for the call for the boycott of Gardenia, apart from the racist undertone about Gardenia being Malay-owned and the FFM being Chinese-owned, is cronyism on the part of Gardenia.[1] […]

A dear friend was in Sydney recently. For old times’ sake, he called me up and asked if I was free for the day. I said yes. How could I say no? Both of us are Malaysians and both of us attended Michigan. We had some good times together. We had not met for a […]

In an ideal world, moral authority is unnecessary for a person to hold a position, to raise a point, to criticize it, to object to an action, to advocate it or anything similar. What is of value is the argument itself. It is most regrettable however that we live here down in the mud where […]

What happened on a Friday in Shah Alam — when a group of individuals protesting against construction of a Hindu temple chose to do it by parading a severed cow’s head knowing full well that Hindus hold the cow sacred — is disgusting. There are ways to protest but the method employed by them is […]

One of the worst aspects of Malay conservatism reared its ugly head today. In Shah Alam, in protest against construction of a Hindu temple, a group of individuals — no, barbarians is a more apt description for only barbarians are capable of committing such an uncivilized act — brought along with them a severed head of […]

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