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Farish Noor is one of those individuals whom are able to open a door that I never thought was there in the first. At a public lecture of his which coincided with the Kuala Lumpur Alternative Book Fair today, he opened a door for me which I thought I had opened earlier. As it turned […]

In case you missed it:

An honest criticism is the first step towards identifying and subsequently, rectifying mistakes. In a society sensitive to ethnic issues such as in Malaysia, such honest criticism may be hard to make when it crosses ethnic lines. By crossing, I mean to say the critic and the criticized belong to different communities. Too often, innocent […]

I have lately begun to wonder how UMNO manages communal relationship within the Malaysian society at large. While the answer to the question may be obvious through casual observation, there is an intriguing piece of which I have yet to grasp; it is in the air and it eludes me. I have struggled for several […]

There is strength in numbers… with all things equal, of course. Those active in politics realize this and they work hard to build up their bases. Some however pretend that they have similar support, claiming to represent a body while no member of the body could recall appointing any representative to speak for the members […]

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