I have a knack of finding myself in places I would least expect doing things that I would not imagine. That happened to me as an undergraduate a couple of times with the instance of me hiking in the Sierra Nevada on a whim notice as the best example of all. Though less life-changing than […]

These days, it is presumed that racial politics in this country is dead. It is understandable why this conclusion is appealing but it is certainly wise to refrain from signing off racial politics as a factor in Malaysia politics. This presumption has its basis in the outcome of the March 8 general election. Barisan Nasional […]

The importance of Hindus’ support to the Pakatan Rakyat is undeniable. It would be hard to imagine how Pakatan could be as successful as it was on March 8 without overwhelming support from the Hindus and the Indians in general. When the Sri Maha Kaliamman shrine in Ampang, Selangor was demolished, many began to wonder […]

Were we in a crisis? Were race relations as bad as the Prime Minister had implied? Did the specter of May 13 loom just beyond the horizon? I find myself at the top of a hill and ahead I see only green fields as far as the eyes could see. The sky is blue and […]

After a relatively disastrous election result in its history, UMNO is in crisis.  As its members try to rejuvenate the old lady, strong voices from inside of the party calling for the resignation of various party leaders could be heard. In their eagerness to follow through their loud calls, dissatisfied party members are demanding for […]

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