Kuala Lumpur opened the extension to its light rail transit lines late last month and I was pretty excited about it. After years of delay, the system is finally here. I am excited because I can now hop on a train to Subang with ease. Previously, I would either have to drive, get on a […]

Ten months into 2014, I have now resigned to the fact that my projection for the annual inflation rate in Malaysia is too high, with the actual rate being relatively benign. The reason I had put it so high — it was in the region of 3.5%-4.0% compared to what it would likely be, which is 3.0%-3.5% — […]

Here is a microeconomic contract theory puzzle with the incentives do not quite line up perfectly. According to the Financial Daily today, the MRT project delivery partner (a joint venture between MMC Corp and Gamuda) will be punished by the project owner if the cost of the project exceeds 15% of some base. Any cost […]