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Some people are panicking: KUALA LUMPUR, April 27 (Bernama) — In light of the swine-flu outbreak in Mexico, the Federation of Livestock Farmers’ Association of Malaysia (FLFAM) has strongly urged the government to stop pork imports until the situation is resolved. FLFAM market development manager and veterinarian Dr Kaw Eng Sun Monday advised the government […]

Do not resort to protectionism they say! KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20 (Bernama) — Malaysia has cautioned World Trade Organization (WTO) members not to resort to protectionist measures as it can adversely impact the growth of global trade. In making the call, Malaysia said countries should continue to adhere to their commitments to WTO when introducing […]

In the Parliament, a Member of Parliament was concerned with the outflow of money due to foreign workers sending part of their wages back home. Finance Minister Najib Razak, in answering the MP, gave a piece of statistics which highlights the benefit of foreign workers. PARLIAMENT, Oct 22 – Malaysia’s 2.1 million foreign workers repatriated […]

[1516] Of stupidité

Hilarity of stupidity (via): Did you hear the one about Amazon? It offered free shipping in France, got sued for it by the French Booksellers’ Union, and lost. Now it’s choosing to pay €1,000 a day rather than follow the court’s order. Ba-da-bing! No, it’s not funny, but that’s because it’s not a joke. The […]

This is a weird article, weird in a way that the economic rationale does not make sense at first glance: THE Government will not increase the number of permits to import wheat flour, as there is enough supply of the commodity in the country, reported Mingguan Malaysia. Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs minister Datuk […]

Kuala Lumpur is full of aliens, legal or otherwise. In the recent weeks, there has been a strong call from those in power to reduce dependency on foreign laborers. Xenophobes only happy to jump onto the bandwagon that appeals to protectionism and central planning. This is indeed not the first time xenophobes have spoken out […]

Opponents to the possible Malaysia-US FTA come from various backgrounds and some they have expressed legitimate concerns against the FTA. When I met Ronnie Liu of DAP several months ago, he expressed transparency as a reason to object the FTA. I could accept transparency as as reason but yet, I am convinced that transparency is […]

Protectionists always argue that free trade hurts the poor. Professor Mankiw quotes the US Treasury Secretary Paulson as the US battles its own rising sentiment of protectionism: Thus trade helps Americans provide for their families. When special interests seek protection in the name of low-wage workers, we should acknowledge that limitations on imports do not […]

As a graduate of economics, I unreasonably assume that everybody knows basic economic ideas like supply and demand and comparative advantage. Perhaps, it is time for me to throw away that assumption and assume the opposite. Explanation on comparative advantage is crucial in effort to discredit the idea of food sovereignty; food sovereignty is merely […]

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