Some time back in 2015, I walked down to the train station after having a late meal in Bangsar. It was almost an hour to midnight and I did not want to miss the last train home. It usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get to the Bangsar train station from Jalan Telawi […]

I had an expensive bet with a friend that more than 200 would be arrested after the Bersih dust settled. The tally now is coming close to 500. I won. My record with him now is 2-0 in my favor. In the beginning, the odds were against my favor. It appeared that the government had […]

I enjoyed photographing the police in their balaclava and boots during the first Bersih protest. It was no different last Saturday. This particular member of the Federal Reserve Unit had his uniform out of color and he did not seem to be paying attention to the moment. His face shield was up as well. While […]

A long time ago, probably three to four years ago, there was a candlelight vigil in front of a police station. A small crowd was waiting for the police to release several individuals after being arrested for protesting something. I think it was against the Internal Security Act. The police was unhappy. So they warned […]

Yes, I was there. Being tear gassed is not a great experience.

It is comforting that the Najib administration is showing some concerns about the size of government expenditure. They are doing something about it in some parts of government, even as the big picture offers a more complex and contradictory narrative. Yet, not all cuts in spending are right. A reduction or saving cannot be done […]

The roles of the police and the armed forces are different. One enforces the law while the other stands on guard against the enemy of the state. The difference in functions and in challenges both faces necessitate the two to be separated. When two security forces are combined, the power of the military expands. With […]

[2113] Of be fair to the police with respect to the November 8 shootout

The November 8 in Klang incident when the police shot dead several suspected criminals after a car chase has emboldened a number of individuals, more prominently perhaps a strong accusation from DAP, of summarily killing. While the Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan’s response of you are either with the police or you are with […]

While Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar said that his statement about criminals should not be regarded as heroes does not refer to the recent death of Kugan[1] — an alleged criminal who died in police custody under suspicious conditions — I find it hard not to make the connection. Surely such statement is linked to […]