Some peace is not worth it. A state that suppresses its citizens and others does not deserve peace for such peace only allows the state to continue to use its power to bully. Peace is sustainable only if rights are respected. No peace can stand with disrespect. For other peace, it is worth the shot […]

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has allegedly struck a deal with Malaysia over Sabah, and that’s why the rebel group is silent on the claim issue, a high-ranking Palace official said. This is supposedly the reason why the MILF wants Malaysia to remain as the head of the international monitoring team overseeing the ceasefire […]

I was surprised to find out that the people of the Philippines once contemplated to name their state as Malaysia. Filipino politicians who dreamt of creating a Pan-Malay nation also considered adopting the name Malaysia, which had referred to the overall Malay archipelago before becoming the name of the newly independent Malaysian nation in 1963.5 […]