What Jerry Sandusky did was wrong. Although I am sympathetic of Joe Paterno, his failure to report Sandusky is a grave moral lapse. Sandusky deserves to be punished, and so too Paterno. But I ultimately think the punishment meted against Paterno and Pennsylvania State University is just ¬†too much. I agree with an opinion at […]

Saturday football was always fun during college days. Every morning I would listen to the radio, watched television in the common room, visited a friend’s room to watch football (sometimes, I would take the bus all the way to North Compus or even sleepover the night before) or during my senior year, watched the game […]

[1382] Of Meeeeeechigan!

It is Saturday football and I would be lying if I said I am not scared. Michigan is up against Penn State in Ann Arbor; Penn State is not the usual team that Michigan should worry about but our recent run forces us to feel otherwise. Yeah, Michigan won against Notre Dame but the Irish […]