The Malaysian GDP has been growing strongly so far this year. So strong, that a lot of economists and institutions had to revise their 2017 projections significantly. The growth has been partly due to consumption recovery that took a tumble thanks to the GST, and partly due to strong trade figures (though this is true […]

I think a lot of us Malaysians have engaged in those long never-ending debates about racism before. The problem with these debates is that they are framed within the context of Malaysian citizenry and more often than not, they ignore the universal value of equality across the human race. This gives rise to hypocrisy among […]

Some parts of the economy enjoy stable growth rates in normal times. Consumption and government spending are two of the GDP components which grow in a stable manner, unless there is a recession. As much as ridiculous as it may sound (yeah, that is the libertarian in me speaking out), the government does plan its […]

I am disappointed at the treatment which Tunku Aziz received with respect to his comment about the Bersih’s sit-in. It is quite clear the DAP-led Penang state government ended Tunku’s senatorship to punish him for criticizing the sit-in. While I disagree with Tunku’s position and I do support the sit-in, the path taken by the state […]

I am holding the view that the RM67 billion government spending-based fiscal stimulus as announced will not be helpful. The market will show a swing independently of spending. The swing is already happening in spite the fact that government spending has been insignificant so far. Furthermore, the magnitude of government spending is pale in comparison […]

The mantra of ecotourism is take only photographs and leave only footprints. Due to far too frequent violations of that principle, I maintain the position that the term ecotourism in Malaysia has been perversely interpreted. While in other countries ecotourism means divulging oneself in nature without damaging it, on the contrary in Malaysia it means […]

Today: GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has ”roared” at critics of his proposed tiger park project, saying they should come up with constructive criticisms. [Criticisms against tiger park not constructive, says Penang CM. The Star. March 26 2009] I think, when he says constructive criticism, he means supportive criticism. Sorry brother, you will […]

After ridiculously touting a golf course as the future of Penang, they want a tiger park in Penang. PENANG, March 15 (Bernama) — The Penang government plans to open a tiger park at Relau Community Park aimed at attracting more tourists to the state. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the ecotourism project would only […]

Apart from busy adding more languages on road signs and jockeying to change road names, apparently the Penang state government is attracting foreign investors to invest in a very important project: a golf course. PENANG, Nov 1 – Penang has welcomed a South Korean conglomerate commitment to build a US$100 million (RM360 million) golf course […]

Opposition parties are leading in all key seats in Penang. [Latest updates – 7.10pm. Malaysiakini. March 8 2008] Die Gerakan die! Die for betraying the ideal of liberalism for power. Hindraf leader M Manoharan, who is being held under the Internal Security Act, is reported to have taken the Selangor state seat of Kota Alam […]