Hearing voices announcing something over the loudspeakers in public spaces makes me uncomfortable. It gives me the feeling that somebody is watching me and worse, the unknown person is giving me an order. The automatic reaction by the libertarian in me is to question and resist, even if the announcement makes sense. Most announcements in […]

I am in no position to give full opinion on the proposed 2010 federal government budget tabled earlier today. That is mostly because I need to read the whole text first. Nevertheless, I feel strongly against the idea of imposing service charge on credit card; as stated by the Finance Minister, the purpose of the […]

I wrote The era of paternalism is not over for my column at The Malaysian Insider (also here) to provide contrary case to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s statement that the days of government knows best is over. Today in The Star, his cousin, Minister¬†Hishammuddin Hussein strengthens may message by leap and bound: Hishammuddin said that […]

The era of government knows best is over, or so said Prime Minister Najib Razak in the early part of his young administration. As a person who distrusts the government greatly, I consider that there was never a time when the government knows best. Instead, there was only a long period of paternalism where the […]