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Why? KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – An influential opposition leader running for a key post in Malaysia’s Islamist party has “guaranteed” a commitment to a free market economy and protecting the rights of the country’s multi-racial communities. Husam Musa, vice-president of the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), the country’s second largest party in mass membership, is […]

Twitter has it that Nizar has won the court case! CONFIRMED! NIZAR IS STILL MB! IT IS ELECTION TIME! In time when Nizar is the third most popular tag in Twitter… …this is how PM Najib Tun Razak’s tweets look like: Thanks to Lulu for the idea.

In the aftermath of March 8 2008, TV3 kept repeating general election results from Sabah and Sarawak, seemingly in denial that something big happened in the Peninsula. They preferred to transmit limited happy news amid a torrent of bad news. The same trend is being repeated again today. In Buletin Utama produced by TV3, possibly […]

Will there be change in Barisan Nasional? With Samy Vellu still manning the steering wheel of MIC,[1] it is not hard to present a case which BN would continue doing business as usual despite requirement for change along with internal almost Darwinian political rhetoric of change. But with Najib Razak expected to assume the post […]

Utusan Malaysia is actively disseminating the idea that PAS should part ways with Pakatan Rakyat. The paper suggests that DAP and PKR are treating PAS disrespectfully and it insists that PAS should quit the political alliance because of that. The allegation of how PAS being treated is something I only take with a grain of […]

Yes, I did as well as many others.

A refrain from voting effectively disenfranchises refraining voters from decision-making processes. When options sit along a political spectrum and the refrain causes candidate standing farthest from specific voters is elected into office, it is highly likely that issue raised by that specific voters will be ignored in favor of issues raised by the supporters of […]

PAS earlier said that it wanted to turn Malaysia into a welfare state: On Saturday, PAS said that it turn the country into a welfare state should it win the coming general election. [PAS Should Explain Welfare State – Muhyiddin. Bernama. January 23 2008] But our favorite minister said that Malaysia is already a welfare […]

Exposé on the rape of Lojing started a finger pointing fest between UMNO and PAS in Kelantan. It was not long before the the state and the federal government started to join the blame game. To a certain extent, given how poor the state is and hence, the lack of resource to protect the natural […]

Upon news of the devastation of Lojing broke out, UMNO Kelantan immediately seizes the opportunity to grab a couple of brownie points by appointing itself as the guardian of the environment: KOTA BAHARU, March 31 (Bernama) — Kelantan Umno has set up an action committee to check the ecological damage due to excessive logging at […]

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