Notwithstanding Tibet, the conflict in Xinjiang, suppression of Falun Dafa, the alleged connection to the alleged genocide in Darfur, broken promises of a free press, the pollution and eviction of citizens from Beijing, or the less than flattering revelation of how the “live” opening of the Olympics was not quite as “live” as it should […]

Michael Phelps won a gold. BEIJING — The Michael Phelps gold medal count commenced early Sunday morning here with the 400-meter individual medley final, and his pursuit of a record eight golds began with a victory and a world record. [Phelps Smashes World Record to Win Gold. Greg Bishop. New York Times. August 9 2008] […]

The Beijing Olympics is coming up and it is time to break some myths. Those who have argued for the beneficial effect of the Olympics on China have made three specific claims, none of which holds water. First, Chinese officials themselves said the games would bring human-rights improvements. The opposite is true. China’s people are […]

Violence by Chinese during the Olympic flame relay in Seoul, Sunday, has ignited anti-China sentiment among Koreans. The Beijing Olympic torch was successfully relayed from the South to North Korea, supported by enthusiastic Chinese supporters. However, the relay was marred by a clash between human rights activists and an overwhelming number of supporters, which left […]

The flags of tyranny shamelessly flew over the MERDEKA Square. MERDEKA means independence. Read Kuala Lumpur for a Free Tibet for the background story.

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