New York has the Empire State Building. Think of Paris and the Eiffel Tower comes to mind. Cairo is inseparable from the Pyramids. Singapore has the smaller but not less iconic Merlion. George Town has the Penang Bridge, if you take a liberal view of the city’s boundary and ignore the unpleasant monolith towering over […]

I experienced a tremendous surge of security today and I have not felt such feeling in such a long time. The only regret I have is that I did not set a higher target for myself. I might have set a goal too low for myself. Ever since graduation a few years ago from Ann […]

While I am happy with a new path made possible by the recent general election, I am slightly disappointed at the way DAP and PKR are dismissing the outmoded New Economic Policy. Prior to the election and the campaigning period, I was impressed at how the two parties leaders were rejecting the NEP at the […]

Walaupun bertahun sudah berlalu, teringat lagi bagaimana rasanya pertama kali melangkah ke dalam Kolej Melayu. Institusi itu menjanjikan satu masa hadapan yang cerah kepada mereka berpeluang menjejakkan kaki di situ. Peluang bagaimanapun memerlukan satu perubahan pahit yang perlu ditelan. Untuk mencapai bintang-bintang di langit, segala kebebasan dan kemewahan yang dinikmati sebelum ini harus dilupakan. Masalah […]

[1477] Of an inclusive NEP

There are many kinds of bias but one of the most common comes in kind of loss aversion through endowment effect. The bias describes a tendency to avoid any kind of loss even when the final outcome is a net gain. The endowment effect is a specific form of loss aversion which an individual values […]

One of the bibles of libertarianism says: The social contract may once have seemed necessary to keep the peace but now it and the official racism that it is used to justify look indefensible: it is absurd and unjust to tell the children of families that have lived in Malaysia for generations that, in effect, […]

Opponents to the possible Malaysia-US FTA come from various backgrounds and some they have expressed legitimate concerns against the FTA. When I met Ronnie Liu of DAP several months ago, he expressed transparency as a reason to object the FTA. I could accept transparency as as reason but yet, I am convinced that transparency is […]

Under pressure to secure a free trade deal with Malaysia, the US is bowing to Malaysian demands: MALAYSIA and the US have agreed to take contentious issues “off the table” in their ongoing (free trade agreement) FTA negotiations, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz said. What are those contentious issues? “On areas […]