I have not been following the Indonesian presidential election closely in the sense that I am unfamiliar with detailed policy proposals from both candidates, Jokowi and Prabowo. I remember from some time back that Jokowi specifically offered little detail, leading to the criticism that he has no idea what he is doing and betting on […]

This is most obvious in the case of Fascism. The Fascists and National Socialists did not expect inferior classes, or races, or individuals to understand or sympathise with their own goals; their inferior was innate, ineradicable, since it was due to blood, or race, or some other irremovable characteristic; any attempt on the part of […]

I do feel that in many cases, general Malaysians do have unfair perception of Indonesia as well as have acted unfairly against far too many Indonesians living in Malaysia.┬áBut the current sentiment in Indonesia is bordering a ridiculous level. Silly jingoism is playing out in Indonesia. In the Jakarta Globe, a state recording executive claims […]

Sering kali saya terdengar akan keperluan untuk rakyat Malaysia membentuk satu nasionalisme baru untuk mengatasi cabaran masa muka. Dengan mudahnya, nasionalisme ini mengimpikan satu bangsa yang merangkumi semua rakyat Malaysia, di mana semua memiliki hak-hak yang saksama tanpa pilih kasih. Ramai mengenali nasionalisme baru ini sebagai bangsa Malaysia. Walaupun saya mungkin bersimpati dengan konsep ini […]

Foreign Affairs has an article on ethnonationalism and in my opinion, how it is the most stable form of nationalism. It focuses on European experience but it is relevant to Malaysian politics. This is surely something the adherents of Bangsa Malaysia, or liberal nationalists whom despise ethnonationalism, may want to read. It is especially pertinent […]

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