I am a supporter of regionalism. Despite whatever jokes I may have about the euro, I do not want to see its disintegration. While I have refined my opinion by stressing on the importance of having similar economies coming into a union instead of having a disparate set of economies with wildly different setups and […]

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono warned of the danger of a common currency in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. It is a reminder that needs not a resounding. The horror of Europe is enough to make one thinks twice of a currency union. The talks of Greek exit can potential become the end […]

There are several stages of economic integration. Free trade agreement is probably the lowest of all integrations. It seeks just free flow of capital and labor across borders. The next step is either custom or monetary union together with a common market. Member states surrender monetary policy to a central authority while maintaining independent fiscal […]

I took a long hard look at a one-euro coin in my hand while I was on a train to Versailles from Paris. For a huge monetary policy controversy across the Eurozone, the coin does not look so special. It is a small unassuming bimetal. Not too many would take a second look at it. […]

It was one morning during one of those ugly winters in Ann Arbor when I found myself sitting close to the front row of an economics class. The professor sounded odd but then again, I am sure I sounded odd to my friends here. Regardless, with me still half awake, I heard the professor say […]

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