I give my support to Bersih. As far as the rally goes, that support is based on the idea of freedom of assembly. That however does not mean I fully agree with everything that Bersih does. Specifically, I disagree with its appeal to the King. Bersih now finds itself in a quandary. The King has […]

Thailand has been a popular role model for monarchists in Malaysia, who believe that the monarchy has the potential to be the umpire for an increasingly competitive Malaysian democracy. Now that Thailand again finding itself in shambles, the same Malaysian monarchists are no longer quite as willing to cite our neighbor up north. For others […]

Guess how many police reports have been filed against Karpal Singh for his plan to sue the Sultan of Perak? To remind all, there is a huge dispute in the way the state government of Perak was transferred from Pakatan Rakyat to Barisan Nasional earlier this month. I will not go into the details and […]

Previously, a lot of people within Pakatan Rakyat praised the monarchy for various decisions in the public sphere. At the moment however contrary to the environment barely weeks ago, words unworthy to be typed here have been uttered as insults. Worse, these insults were thrown even before the Sultan of Perak made a final decision […]

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor defines the social contract as “compromise between the rulers and subjects as well as between Malays and non-Malays.”[1] This is a new definition when compared to the typical understanding of the subject. The conventional understanding refers to the willingness of the Malays to accept various non-native migrants as citizens […]

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